Diamond Drilling & Sawing

Since 1990 Diamond Drilling and Sawing has been providing businesses in Texas with affordable concrete cutting solutions.

The founder of Diamond Drilling & Sawing became fed up with the quality and professionalism of the other companies in the industry. He saw his opportunity to do something about it. Within a few years, Diamond Drilling & Sawing had become the name many relied upon for concrete cutting on all types of projects. It was clear he was on the right track. Many innovative methods used in the concrete cutting industry today were developed and practiced by him. His methods spawned the development of new devices and tools brought to market by manufactures today, making the concrete cutting industry safer, faster, and more affordable than ever before. It has been our greatest privilege helping customers achieve their goals and we wish success on all your future projects.

We believe:

  • Employee safety is of paramount importance.
  • Finishing the job on schedule and on budget is a top priority.
  • No job is too tough. We can handle anything.

It’s through dedication to these principles that Diamond Drilling and Sawing continues to grow our reputation and company.


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