Concrete Removal

Diamond Drilling and Sawing, LLC is equipped with the best tools and employees to complete any concrete demolition job. Whether your project requires precise, selective demolition or large-scale total concrete removal, we’ll get the job done efficiently, cleanly, and safely.

Our equipment operators, well-trained in the use of backhoes, loaders, excavators, and concrete breaking equipment, can provide safe, effective concrete demolition to contractors and individuals in the Houston and surrounding areas. Diamond Drilling and Sawing, Inc. is set up to load and haul any and all concrete debris, leaving your property ready for the next phase of construction.

Using a network of recycling facilities in Houston, we try to maintain a lower carbon footprint by hauling the concrete debris to the closest recycling yards. Reduced travel for trucking means less fuel is burned, thus reducing emissions and costs and transferring the savings to you.


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