Wall Sawing

Concrete wall sawing is the use of a diamond blade on a track-mounted machine. The track is securely attached to the wall with anchors and fasteners. Then the saw itself is attached to the track on rollers and guide rails. When the saw is completely secure to the wall on tracks, the power unit cables, cords or hoses can be attached to the saw from a remote power unit. A drive mechanism allows the saw to move along the track and another mechanism controls the depth of the cut. Some saws are manually controlled while others are remotely controlled, allowing the operator to stay clear of the device and keeping him safer. Different types of power options are available to include hydraulic, pneumatic and high-cycle electric.

Wall sawing, also called track sawing, is typically used to cut dimensionally precise door, window, and ductile vent openings in many types of material including brick, block, stone, and concrete. Because of the common circular diamond saw blades, corners would have to be over-cut to allow full penetration of the corners. When over-cuts are not allowed, different options are available, such as core drilling the corners, hand sawing the corners with a diamond chainsaw, or hand-held ring sawing. Even a cut-n-break saw can assist with corner cuts. Either way, a reasonably clean corner can be achieved.

For doorways with a threshold that needs concrete to be flush with the existing slab, optional flush cut adapters for the saw are available for most saws. However, some saws do not have the optional flush cut adapter. For these cases, the option to chip the threshold to below grade and come in after with self-leveling compounds can be a good alternative. Some saws can be adjusted to cut on an angle leaving one side of the threshold even with the existing slab and the other side just below the slab, allowing floor compounds if required.

Concrete wall sawing in South Texas is a challenging art of its own due to the extremely hard river rock aggregate found in this region. The wall saw operators in Houston, Texas earn their respect daily by facing the challenging task of cutting concrete and steel in the relentless summer heat of the South Texas region. They use specialized equipment and diamond tools in places and at heights most people would avoid.

For more than twenty-five years, Diamond Drilling & Sawing LLC has been providing Houston and surrounding areas with all types of wall sawing: doors and windows, large tilt wall panels, and HVAC ducts. We look forward to helping you with your next project.


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