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Our Work Speaks for Itself

Welcome to our Project Page, where we showcase the embodiment of our expertise and dedication. Each project we undertake tells a unique story of innovation, precision, and excellence. From groundbreaking initiatives to transformative endeavors, our work speaks for itself.

Deep Anode Ground Beds

Eli LIly project.png

Diamond's expertise was instrumental in the successful installation of 9 semi-deep anode ground beds using our specialized V-12 rig. Prior to commencing each hole, our team conducted meticulous hydro excavation to ensure the safety of the project site, preventing any unforeseen obstructions below grade.

Once at the required depth, we executed the installation of anodes, vent pipes, and coke breeze with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to cleanliness and organization was evident throughout the project, as excess water and mud cuttings were promptly disposed of off-site, maintaining a tidy and safe work environment.

Moreover, our small rig proved indispensable in navigating tight locations, overcoming overhead obstructions, and optimizing the project's footprint. At Diamond, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and quality in every project we undertake, and our contribution to this project exemplifies our dedication to excellence.

2,800 Ln/Ft of recoat

Diamond swiftly responded to a last-minute call to rectify a critical compliance issue for one of our customers. The project involved excavating a 36" pipeline, removing the existing coating, and applying the new 2888 coating. However, we encountered significant challenges due to adverse weather conditions. High winds continually blew debris into the coating during application, while winter temperatures posed manufacture application restrictions, slowing production to a halt.

To overcome these obstacles, we devised a solution: implementing negative pressure tents with climate control. This innovative approach created a controlled environment, allowing us to apply the product correctly despite the external conditions. As a result, we were able to catch up on schedule and complete the project on time. At Diamond, we thrive on solving complex problems and delivering results, even under challenging circumstances. This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt swiftly to ensure client satisfaction.

Coating Image.jpg

U of H - Community Center

Under ground chamber system for water retention.jpg

Diamond was proud to contribute its expertise to the construction of the new community center in Downtown Houston, in collaboration with the University of Houston. Our team successfully executed the excavation and installation of the underground retention system, ensuring optimal functionality and durability.

Furthermore, we played a pivotal role in the completion of the project by pouring the parking lot and sidewalks to perfection. Leveraging our core drilling and green saw teams, we added the final touches to the slab, ensuring precision and quality in every detail.

At Diamond, we are committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake, and our involvement in the U of H community center stands as a testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

Under Tank Anodes

Diamond successfully executed the installation of 4 Under Tank anode systems in Corpus Christi, Texas, showcasing our expertise in complex infrastructure projects. Our team seamlessly installed 3" PVC tubes under the existing tanks, accommodating the placement of reference cells and linear anodes with precision.

Additionally, we ensured the seamless integration of new junction boxes and rectifiers, optimizing the functionality of the system. Remote monitoring units were also installed on the rectifiers, enhancing the efficiency of the entire setup.

Throughout the project, we prioritized safety and efficiency, utilizing hydro excavation to prevent damage to below-grade obstructions. Despite the challenges posed by coordinating with facility operations, including production and shutdown schedules, our team delivered the project on time, showcasing our commitment to meeting client needs while maintaining operational continuity.

At Diamond, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle complex projects with precision and professionalism, and our work on this project is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

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